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        General Profile
        SINCE 1974
        ? ? ? ?Koide (GuangDong)Electronic Co., Ltd. is a Hong Kong enterprise with headquarter located in HongKong, We establish manufacturing factories in U.S.A., ?Sano,Japan and GuangDong,China. . The ShunDe factory , located in the prosperous Foshan City, GuangDong Province, has a great advantage on geography condition and traffic environment. Equipped with advanced technological equipment and high level talent, the factory integrates sales office, production workshop, warehouse, laboratory, and reach & design department effectively.

        ? ? ? ? “Quality First, Customer Oriented, Continuous Improvement”. Leading the whole team of KOIDE carrier following the trend of China economic development, it exploring KOIDE from a small factory into a grand plant today.?

        ? ? ? ? We mainly engages in automotive parts and house appliances parts of which including injection molding, wire harness, optical part, and various types of lens and camera module,. Our customer covered in USA. , Europe, Japan, HongKong and many other countries of the world. Composed of professional members and research and innovation specialist, with solid technology know-how, we are able to develop 100% satisfy customized products for clients.

        ? ? ? ? By sustained continuous of effort and innovation, Koide has accumulated a 40 years of experience in manufacturing more than thousands of superior design and premium quality product. It has earned faithful and reputation to our customer. Nevertheless, we would keep spurring ourselves to seek improvement and development towards a higher objective in the future.
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